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It’s been a year since we last chatted with Ted Wight, and he’s still as bubbly as ever. You may remember “Teddy,” St. Louis’s guru for discovering and selling architecturally interesting homes in St. Louis, from our profile last year. Or you may know him because, simply, he is not to be missed. He is active on the St. Louis social scene, and can be spotted jaunting around town selling the most beautiful spaces this city has to offer. Moreover, his digital presence has been killing it these days, be it his social media video posts that exude approachability in the most clever way, or his blog posts highlighting interesting news and facts on the homes he represents. And while he may be the brains of the entire operation, it does take a village. In his case, Claudia Brodzinski and Blake Anderson, who translate Ted from a human to a brand, one digital step at a time. Nonetheless, all roads lead back to him because, naturally, he keeps the “Ted” in Ted Wight.

His blogs are where you’ll see the bulk of who he is and what he has to offer. St. Louis Style is his main blog, and then he has micro sites like Clayton, Ladue, etc. “We’d like to do a University City and Central West End blog too, because you create these things and then you need to feed the monster – it’s a chore to have that balance and update,” Ted says. “But you go to a lot of realtors’ blogs and you see that the last time they posted was last September. The rule is posting once or twice a day, that way people incorporate reading the blog as part of their daily routine.”

“And people don’t want to just look at listings,” Blake Anderson, a digital marketing strategist for Ted, says. “New developments, social events, gardening tips too.” It’s these additions of more compelling and relatable content that garners a wider base for Ted’s audience. Not everyone is in the market for a new home, and not everyone can afford what’s in his portfolio.

“The whole idea is to create a wonderful magazine about St. Louis,” Ted says. “I’ll fold in my own listing with that too. We offer tips on how to build a home, tips for millennials, and just articles that we see that are interesting. And we’ll find interesting architecture stories from around the world and here that we like and share.” Whether it’s his own listing or his competitor’s, Ted is a fan of amazing homes that promote the diversity and exclusivity of the St. Louis architectural scene.

In talking to him, Ted doesn’t realize how funny he actually is. He’s charming, pleasant and inherently puts a smile on your face. He’s a type that is excited about everything he does – there isn’t a down moment in the 24 hours of Ted’s day. He lives for what he does, and it shows in the facets of media that he puts out.

“I find that a lot of people come to me and say that they are looking for homes in St. Louis, they look at my blog and my Instagram, and they feel that I am in sync with who they are,” he explains. “Through my model, people say, ‘He’s not just a West County agent, he’s selling architecture and an esthetic that is interesting. He’s high-tech, he’s savvy, and he’s in touch with what the city has to offer.’ So suddenly, I’m a person.”

“With videos, a lot of the time we just share what Ted is doing,” Claudia Brodzinski, a digital marketing strategist for Ted, says. “If he’s out at an art gallery opening or tries out a new restaurant, he takes pictures or a video and then puts it right up.”

Have you seen his videos? He posts them to his site when it pertains to a listing or when he’s out on the town, and he’ll utilize social media when he wants to expose something that interests him. Think “Where In The World Is Matt Lauer?” – just on a local level and much more fabulous. He’s a celebrity in his own right – the man is just funny. From body language to voice tone, hand gestures to a big smile, he sells himself, and we’re returning for more.

“People really do want to work with me because, well, it’s just Ted Wight,” he says. “It’s keeping that personal attention. But our sales have gone up dramatically; last year our sales increased 45 percent.”

And we can see why. For more information on Team Teddy, visit V

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