A Housewife’s Homecoming: Meghan King Edmonds

Shot exclusively at the Four Seasons St. Louis; Hair and Makeup by Kate Clark Hair Design

Her confidence can easily be mistaken for cockiness, but c’mon: she’s 5’11” with charisma from head to toe, so we wouldn’t have her any other way. Meghan King Edmonds joined The Real Housewives of Orange County in its 10th season, showcasing a back and forth lifestyle from St. Louis to Southern California while maintaining her wit, charm and smarts that she is now most known for. From being a “#coolstepmom” to documenting her journey with in vitro fertilization, filming with a less-than-enthused hubby to holding her own with Housewives legends, Edmonds blends the sweetness of the Midwest with OC spice into one balanced cocktail any Housewives fan would binge on. Now as a new mother, Edmonds is contemplating new moves of her own, possibly right back to St. Louis for good. Before she settles down on any life-changing decisions, we sat down with Edmonds herself to get a feel for what she has planned.

“I don’t know honestly,” she responds in regards to her next move. “I’m still trying to decide how much or little involvement I want to have with Housewives, because the baby is now occupying a lot of my time. I think I would like to be full time – you know, hold an orange – but then I get a lot of anxiety because it is a lot of work.”

Work on Real Housewives? Who knew that going to lunch was so exhausting. There is, of course, more that goes on than we see on screen. And because reality shows are now so common, we assume that there are “people” there to help prep them before shooting. “It’s me doing full on hair and makeup everyday,” she explains. “And picking out wardrobe, every single day. Which, if I didn’t have a camera in my face, I probably wouldn’t care what I looked like in my house just making breakfast. There’s a lot of behind the scenes actions needed to set up for shooting, and that’s me everyday.”

But once hair and makeup is ready and it’s “lights, camera, action,” any preparation made is thrown out the window. “Filming itself, it’s just real,” Meghan says. “It’s a little bit of my personality heightened, just because I want my energy to come across on screen. It’s still me, but the cameras are only there so much, and you want to make sure you are showing the best part of you, or the worst.” 

Something refreshing about Edmonds is her blunt honestly, something that she doesn’t restrain when speaking of her castmates, and whether or not the cameras are there. “I’m not going to miss filming with Vicki, because we aren’t friends,” she says. “ Well, she’s fine when we are not talking about cancer. Kelly is a mess, but she’s so much fun when she’s not being mean. I can take criticism, but I don’t like meanness. Kelly doesn’t like to fight fair. But Tamra and Shannon are truly my friends. I talk to them all the time. Shannon just got back from fat camp.”

Regardless of what her next step may be, Meghan plans on maintaining a relationship with the man behind it all – and fellow St. Louisan – creator and executive producer of the Real Housewives franchise, Andy Cohen. “I was just texting him today!” she says. “I think our relationship has grown over the last season when he saw the show. I’m pretty level-headed and I’m a pretty rational person, but a lot of that wasn’t seen on my first year because I was really upset about Vicki faking cancer and I wanted to prove that she was faking it. Now that I’m in this spot with everyone where I’m okay with them and I see that they have faults but I can do workarounds with that, I think that I’ve gained more of his respect.

Respected is an appropriate way of defining Meghan after two successful seasons on the show. Her storylines delve into unique scenarios that we haven’t seen from other ladies, and she adds a grounded approach to altercations that arise and situations that she finds herself in. Her first season showed her being a stepmom to a high schooler whose mother was battling colon cancer, a battle that was soon lost. “I’ve shown my IVF journey on camera, I’ve spoken on Capitol Hill last year and met with senators with Fight CRC (Colorectal cancer), and I went to Cambodia with Three Strands Global, an organization that employs former victims of sex trafficking,” she explains. “And those are gross things that people don’t want to talk about. Colon cancer deals with your butt and sex trafficking is icky and horrible and people want to pretend like it doesn’t exist.”

Whether or not she is on Bravo TV, she still plans on remaining in the public eye in order bring to light issues that she cares about. “Using my voice, literally,” she says. Her voice is always a strong card to play, but so is that last name – especially in reaching an audience outside of the Housewives fan base. Have you heard of her husband, Jim Edmonds? He’s a Cardinals superhero, St. Louis icon, and he hates the show.

“He looks like a total asshole, he’s like a grump master,” she laughs. “He hates filming, and that comes across. If we are talking about IVF – we obviously have already been talking about it a lot – but we have to talk about it again because the cameras didn’t get to hear it. I’m like, ‘Jimmy, fans are going to see this.’ And he’s like, ‘I don’t care.’ And then it comes out and people say, ‘Jimmy is such a grump,’ and he’s like, ‘What? They don’t even know me.’”

Being a St. Louis girl, she’s always down to keep it real, especially when she’s home. Her favorite Busch Stadium snack? “Bud Select,” she quickly replies. “It has less calories than Budweiser but the same taste.” And her favorite memory has to be the 2011 World Series when David Freese hit the home run. “I was huddled up with my girlfriend and we watched it, and it was just the coolest moment. Now, here I am married to Jim Edmonds, sitting next to David Freese at parties.”

For now, we’ll have to wait and see whether or not Meghan will be an “orange holder” or not, but it is ripe enough to say that Orange County – the longest-running saga in the Real Housewives franchise – is sticking around. “I see it continue to grow because it is the modern-day, real life soap opera,” she explains. “My life is so abnormal in so many ways, and I’m on TV and people watch that. And they can’t get enough of it. And I’m just one of how many Housewives? It’s intriguing.” V

by Kevin Schmidt

Meghan’s Guide to being a Real Housewife of St. Louis: 

Where does a RHSL shop?

I’m a big lover of consignment. I like Byrd, The Vault, and I do a lot of online shopping. And Neimans, I guess. But our Neimans sucks.

Work out?

Well, I work out at Wellbridge but I just canceled my membership because it’s all stinky, old people. Right now, I’m really just focused on Hot Yoga and going on walks whenever it’s nice out.

Road trip to?

Housewives don’t go on road trips. They take jets.

Spend a Friday night with other Housewives at?

A steakhouse, probably, just like any other city in the nation. Cougars in the OC go to Mastro’s. Here, they go to Flemming’s. And they probably would go to [801] Chophouse if the parking was better.

Go for sushi?

Tani Sushi Bistro in Clayton. But there’s a drive-thru sushi place on Manchester. But, then again, it’s drive-thru sushi, in the middle of America.

Order pizza from?

I know I’m going against the grain on this one, but I’m going to say Dewey’s.

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